Fun Fact: She once worked with Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) from “Christmas Vacation.”      

Sarah Landrum keeps the trains moving on time.   

Sarah won’t tell you right away that she was on the cover of Working Mother magazine in May 2006, that she wrangled college mascots and Visigoths as Director of Advertising for Capital One, or that she created a successful real estate business. She’s just too busy whipping Rhudy & Co. projects into shape. 

For 12 years with Capital One, Sarah served as Director of Advertising as well as Sponsorships and Promotions. She negotiated and managed Capital One’s national TV sponsorships including the Capital One Bowl, ESPN Bowl Week and the Capital One Mascot Challenge. She also worked on the ongoing Visigoth TV advertising campaign and handled the integrated advertising for the retail bank. She was one of five women recognized as “Advertising Working Mother of the Year” from the Advertising Women of New York and Working Mother magazine in 2005. 

Most recently, Sarah and her husband Chris, started their own real estate investment company, rehabbing seven homes and three rentals, while building a successful residential real estate business. 

Prior to working at Capital One, Sarah, a University of Virginia graduate, worked in the Community Relations department of Andersen Consulting and on the Marketing Sales desk for Wheat First Butcher Singer. Sarah joined the Rhudy & Co. team in July 2010.