Forbes Online Highlights, a Rhudy & Co. Client, an innovative online grocer serving customers in Charlottesville and Richmond, found itself in the national spotlight in early June thanks to an online article on

The article headlined, “An Online Grocer For Web 2.0. Just Don’t Call It Webvan 2.0.” highlights Relay Foods' unique business model with a focus on local, fresh, healthy and service.

Reader feedback
Readers and Relay Foods customers have posted multiple comments on the message board. Below are a few excerpts from readers:

“We are in Richmond and have been using Relay Foods for a while. Excellent service and very accommodating in case of problems with the products. Good access to fresh, local fare picked up at one location!”

“As relatively new Charlottesville residents, we desired to support the local farms and other suppliers – something that was hard to do in our previous location of Atlanta. However, eating locally can unfortunately require a lot of time and research. Relay has taken care of all of that for us. We’re now able to be consistent and intentional about eating locally without the inconvenience that was previously associated. Also, we haven’t found our grocery bill to be that much higher.”

Richmond Biz Sense, a local online news site in the River City, also reported on the Forbes coverage.

The Rhudy & Co. team is helping Relay Foods with communications planning and media relations.