Meet Frank Wyatt: Our Favorite Nonagenarian #RVA Innovator

Frank Wyatt is a 91-year-old businessman and Rhudy & Co.’s inspirational landlord. Mr. Wyatt began his journey in the business world at age 11, as a newspaper carrier. Growing up with a business-minded father, Mr. Wyatt gained his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for hard work. From the automobile industry, to the farm, to finding a passion for commercial real estate, Mr. Wyatt has done it all. 

Rhudy & Co. loves finding inspiration, especially in our own neighborhood. We sat down with Mr. Wyatt to hear his eight-decade journey in the business world and to learn how he ended up as the owner of the Curles Neck Dairy building, here in Scott’s Addition. Enjoy this interview and be inspired by one of our favorite, RVA neighbors.

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