6 Ways to Help Your CEO Rock the Next Video Interview

It’s always important to help make your CEO or a leader look good, but even more so when your CEO is going in front of a video camera. Whether it’s a media interview or internal interview, here are six simple steps you can take to help make him or her look and sound great.

1. Determine location: The location of the shoot is very important to set the tone. Does an outdoor or office scene work best? Should the video feel inviting or more formal? Choosing a space that reflects the tone will help reinforce the messages your CEO shares in the video.

2. Think wardrobe: Certain colors and patterns do not capture well on camera. Avoid busy prints or patterns that tend to blur on screen and instead choose solid bold colors. Most skin tones look great in blues and purples. For women, we recommend an open-collared shirt, v-neck or rounded neck top. Turtlenecks and mock necks can make the subject appear shorter and squatter on camera. Clothing items that lengthen are the most flattering.

3. Consider angles: Ask your CEO if they have a side that they prefer for photographs. Do some research and look at the best headshots of your CEO to determine the best angle. The camera crew can help capture the great angles with lighting, but directing them to a  preferred side  is the best way to ensure a flattering shot.

4. Hire a professional makeup artist: You can’t go wrong hiring a professional makeup artist for a female or male CEO. Before the shoot, share photos of your CEO with the artist and tell them about the tone of the video and any important “don’ts.” It is important that CEOs still look like themselves, just extra polished.

5. Remember to blot: The lights of the camera highlight shine, so it’s wise to bring blotting paper. Simple ask your CEO to dab lightly in the t-zone before filming for a more flawless look.

6. Bring water: During the course of any interview, your CEO may become slightly parched. Being sure to have a water bottle or a favorite beverage handy to keep them hydrated and sounding their best!


Erin Pray leads the video team at Rhudy & Co. and coaches everyone from CEOs and front-line employees to look and sound their best on camera.