My Husband's in the Super Bowl ... Press Box ... Here's What I See

I have a free ticket to this year’s Super Bowl. It’s the fourth time I’ve scored a free ride to the biggest game in sports.

All it took was saying, “I do,” 18 years ago.

No, I didn’t marry a football player. I married a man who writes about football players.

This Sunday for Super Bowl XLVIII, he will be where he’s been before – in the press box. And I will be where I’ve been before – holding down life at home and getting snatches of the experience from his insider’s perspective. A peep show, if you will.

Actually, my Super Bowl peep show starts the week before any action lines up on the gridiron. It begins when my husband is covering the news and events that lead up to football’s grandest hours.

This week in New Jersey, my glimpses are mostly coming via Twitter or text. It was through Twitter that I found out Jan. 28 was Media Day and that he would spend that time live blogging. 

He then tweeted me this photo from @SNFonNBC of the crowds developing for Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

In Indianapolis in 2012, the N.Y. Giants claimed the victory. My husband went to his first Super Bowl parade when the team came home, and I got to see his pictures.

In Phoenix in 2008, he called for about 30 seconds at the end of the game to say that the N.Y. Giants’ comeback was one of the greatest moments he’s ever covered … then he hurried to the locker room and witnessed the celebration millions of us saw unfold on TV.

In Miami in 2007, he dashed my hopes when he said he couldn’t get me in to see the Chicago Bears’ practice session. But he did bring me back a T-shirt, and I still have it.

For all the Super Bowls my husband has been involved with, I feel like I have had my own kind of special seat in the house. It likely will be the closest I ever get to the actual game. That’s fine by me. Not many can claim the show I get to see.

Nicole van Esselstyn’s husband, Drew van Esselstyn, has covered (including the one coming on Sunday) four Super Bowls, each of which has featured a Manning. Coincidence? The three Super Bowls Drew has covered were won by the teams with a Manning as QB. Will Sunday make it a clean sweep?