Instant Philanthropy: How Chirpify is Changing Online Donations

Suddenly, you’re looking into eyes of an endangered seal pup.

You are instantly compelled to save this tragic, adorable creature.

You click on the link in your Facebook feed to learn more and you find yourself searching through pages of donation forms.

Just as suddenly, your inexorable desire to give fades away and you exit the site. 

Logo courtesy ChripifyEmpathetic donors prepare! A newcomer to the social media world is taking the power of impulse donations to a whole new level. Welcome Chirpify, a year-old social commerce platform that turns comments and replies into cash, allowing businesses and consumers to buy, sell, donate and fundraise directly through social media. 

About Chirpify

Chirpify has significant implications for fundraisers, retailers and consumers alike. By simply commenting, “buy” or “donate” on a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook stream, payment and shipping for the item can be instantly processed. 

Chirpify’s Abigail Scott shared with me via email, “Chirpify is the only company enabling in-stream, social commerce for businesses across all the major social media outlets of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where consumers can buy, purchase and pay with one reply.” 

Until now, brands and organizations have used social media for advertising and posting content with links to traditional retail websites, hoping that their audience would take the time to walk through the process of visiting and clicking through each step for payment. Chirpify eliminates all of these steps, transforming social media from a sharing space to a transactional space.

Chirpify “transactions are social, device agnostic, frictionless, in-stream, one-step payments that turn advertising into instant conversions,“ shared Scott.

Chirpify stores your credit card and personal information, reducing the hassle of completing step-by-step order, payment and shipping forms. It’s kind of like the one-click purchasing technology that pioneered, which makes commerce fast and hassle-free.

Scott added, “By removing all frictions of a traditional shopping cart and checkout system, Chirpify is decentralizing payments and commerce while building a large connected network of consumer social identity tied to a portable wallet.” 

It’s easy to join, and there is no monthly fee. Consumers are charged a service fee of 5 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction made using the services. While businesses are charged a 2.9 percent service fee plus 30 cents for every transaction they make.

While Facebook and Twitter can tell you how many customers were directed to the site, Chirpify can identify who, when and how.

In addition to the ease of transactions, Chirpify allows businesses to gather wide-ranging data about social media customers. Sales data, payments and analytics are seamlessly connected and secure, according to the company.

So, while Chirpify may fill up your credit card bill, it is transforming the social media world. Each tweet, post or comment now takes on a little more power … maybe even enough to save that adorable seal pup.

Erin Pray is a social media enthusiast who is passionate about non-profit development through online giving.