5 Things I’ve Learned from Twitter after 5,000 Tweets

After posting my 5000th Tweet last Thursday, I decided to share a little more insight about the popular social media platform used by millions.

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Here are five things that I’ve learned:

  1. Twitter is my go-to source for breaking news. From the earthquake that struck Richmond in August 2011 to corporate announcements and celebrity snafus, Twitter delivers unfiltered (and often unconfirmed) news and updates in real time.  Read my August 2011 blog post, “Rattled & Shaken: Richmond PR Pros Navigate Yesterday’s Twitterquake.
  2. Twitter is the ideal companion for live TV. From Presidential debates to the Oscars, live TV is better with Twitter updates from experts, pop stars and average folks, like me.
  3. Twitter creates connections. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve connected with community leaders, business partners and even new clients.
  4. Twitter keeps your home page fresh. I’ve embedded my Twitter feed on my company’s home page to keep our page fresh with updates.
  5. Twitter isn’t for everyone. There isn’t enough time to keep multiple social media channels updated. Find a Twitter mentor to explain the confusing world of hashtags, character counts and retweets. Nurture your own voice for your personal brand, corporate brand or nonprofit presence one tweet at a time.

Jonathan Rhudy is working on the State of the #RVA Twitterverse, an informal study of the top Twitter users in Richmond, Va. Stay tuned to find out who the city’s top tweeters are, what they tweet and why.