Part 1: The Inaugural 2013 State of the Twitterverse for the Richmond Region's Top 100 Tweeters

To better understand who dominates Richmond’s Twitter microcosm — 140 characters at a time — and why they’re so successful, Rhudy & Co. Communications and Marketing, asked the top Tweeters in the River City a few questions earlier this year. This week, we’re sharing the results of our informal information gathering via our own infographic.

About the process

Thanks to Twitterholic, we identified the RVA Twitter rock stars based on the list of top 100 Tweeters who list Richmond, Va., as their location.    

We invited #RVA Twitter superstars with a simple tweet: Can U take my State of the #RVA TwitterVerse survey?  Just 2 minutes + a charity gets $5 donation. 

Check out part one below in our five-part #RVA Twitterverse series that runs through Friday.

Jonathan Rhudy loves Twitter for news gathering, searching for retro SUVs, posting PR jobs and catching up on celebrity gossip. Find out what he learned after sending his 5,000th tweet earlier this year. Read his blog post 5,000 Tweets ... So What's the Point.