• Learn as #RVA PR Pros Chat It Up PLUS How to Connect with Your Audiences Via Your Own Tweet Chat

Do you want to use Twitter to engage with important audiences?

It starts with a hashtag. That's the little identifier on Twitter that looks like the pound sign (#) on your keyboard. The hashtag aggregates and organizes comments or Tweets together much like the label on a folder.

An example of how it works
The Richmond, Va., public relations and social media community came together on Feb. 8, 2012, to chat it up 140 characters at a time on Twitter about timely and relevant PR and communications topics thanks to Jon Newman of The Hodges Partnership.

Newman cooked up the idea for #PrRVAChat. The Richmond PR firm owner moderated an informal, fast-moving – and did I mention fun? – online conversation via Twitter about relevant communication topics. The result was a candid and informative exchange that left me with some fresh perspectives and new connections in the PR, marketing and media social space.

How to run your own Twitter chat?
Whether you call it a Twitter chat, Tweet chat or your lawyers ask you to call it an “online engagement event,” here’s how you can use the power of Twitter to connect with audiences important  to your organization.

  1. Decide on a topic or theme and create a hashtag. (That little # thingy)
  2. Set a time/date and promote it with your followers. (As a reminder, they need to be on Twitter.)
  3. Establish a few simple ground rules.
  4. Ask a few engaging and interesting questions.
  5. Keep the conversations flowing.

A recap of #PrRVAChat
To get an idea on how this works (and what’s on the mind of PR people and communicators), check out this Storify recap below of the hour-long chat.

By the way, follow the #PrRVAChat hashtag or follow Jon Newman on Twitter to learn how to participate in future Twitter chats.

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