• I’m a Millennial and Here’s My Take on the Super Bowl XLVI Ads

I’m a big football fan. Though I was raised a Broncos fan, I still followed the NFL season after Tebow Mania had ended (too soon). So this past Sunday, along with 111.3 million other people, I tuned into Super Bowl XLVI with high expectations of football, food, and most importantly, memorable commercials.

A few soared, and some fell flat including my beloved E*TRADE talking baby commercial.

However, one thing that advertisers did incredibly well this year was targeting millennials like me.

With some 45.8 million of us between the ages of about 18 and 28, we are the most dynamic, fickle and difficult generation for advertisers.

Who are we?
We’re digital natives.

We’re educated. 

We’re connected, living and breathing Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 

We’re getting married later than our parents did. 

We’re more politically active. 

We also face higher unemployment than the generations before.

But advertisers love us.

Actually, they need us to buy their clients’ products and services. The creative commercials they cooked up honed in on some of our differences and marketed to them in funny, touching and memorable ways. 

My take on the Super Bowl ads
As a millenial, I definitely felt the connection to many of the commercials. Who didn’t love the the jab at Alec Baldwin during the Best Buy commercial for his now infamous “Words with Friends” airplane moment?

Volkswagen’s “Dog Strikes Back” also hit another chord.

You can’t go wrong with dogs or babies.

The commercial showed a determined pup and referenced back to the wildly popular commercial from last year with the Darth Vader kid 

M&M shows “Just My Shell”
While I am not a huge fan of the LMFAO smash hit “Sexy and I Know It,” M&M uses the catchy jingle in their commercial debuting the new brown-shelled candy. The song climbed as high as No. 3 in the nation on the hit millennia Ryan Seacrest radio countdown.


Chevrolet features “Best Day of My Life” … well, not really

Chevy appealed big to my generation with its competition for a homemade commercial during the big game.

Zack Borst, the winner, depicts two unsuspecting parental units giving their son a graduation gift. However the parents placed the mini fridge intended for their son in front of the neighbor’s new car, and confusion leads to a little premature celebration by the new graduate, who exclaims “Status update: BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!”

The commercial connects with millennials who can easily remember the excitement, or disappointment, of their first ride.

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Brittany Burns is Rhudy & Co.’s newest addition, and she keep things humming along for Gen-Xers and Boomers on the team.