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• Goodbye Virginia Press Women; Hello Virginia Professional Communicators 

On April 5, 2014, VPW revised its bylaws again – this time to change the name of an organization many of our members have been associated with for decades. Virginia Press Women now is called, Virginia Professional Communicators. While there are still members who are journalists, many long-time members, like me, who were writers and editors for newspapers and magazines, have now moved into public relations, marketing and even advertising careers. Learn more.

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• Revitalize. Recreate. Realize. Reinvent. Join the TEDxRVA 2014: “re____” Conversation

I first heard about TED talks the way many of us do, from an email with the subject line “10 TED Talks that will change your life.” After about the fourth email, each from a different person, I opened it. What I found was a handful of motivational talks that focus on “ideas worth spreading”—the TED organization’s mission.

My first TED talk hooked me from the beginning
Maybe because I’m a 20-something, or maybe because the speaker’s name was Meg, the first TED talk that immediately grabbed my attention was titled “Why 30 is Not the New 20.” Watch Meg Jay's talk to see why it hooked me from very beginning.


Meg, a therapist, spent her 15-minute talk motivating 20-somethings who have been ingrained with the idea that “life can happen later, enjoy the now, and figure out the rest later.” She encouraged people to let go of the idea that your 20s aren’t important, arguing instead that it’s a transformative decade where you can take control of your identity.

As a 20-something myself, I believe every word of that is true. Do I have an exact road map for my 20s? Absolutely not. Do I have control of my 20s? Absolutely.

In a few weeks the RVA community will have the chance to see similar “ideas worth spreading.” TEDxRVA 2014 will be held Friday, March 28, with the them of “re___”—as in, re-imagine, repair, realize, re-think.

Join the TEDxRVA conversation
We are in a time where we must all look twice at decisions, processes and assumptions. “Re___” leaves a space for you to decide, what is your “re___”? Now you can join the conversation.

Tune into the TEDxRVA “re___” conversation this week with a Tweet Chat organized by Rhudy & Co. on Tuesday, March 18, from 8 to 9 p.m. The TEDxRVA team and some of the participating speakers will be there to ask and answer questions.

Meg closed her TED talk by saying “30 is not the new 20. Claim your identity. Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You’re deciding your life right now.” In other words, create or maybe even recreate who you are.

Buy tickets and learn more about TEDxRVA.

Megan Jacoby is a 20-something navigating through this crazy ride we call life. She can’t promise it will be graceful, but it sure will be fun. Megan serves on the communications team for TEDxRVA thanks to Rhudy & Co.'s in-kind sponsorship of the 2014 event.



• Learn ‘The Power of Connection’ in this TEDxRVA Talk by Talley Baratka

“To create authentic relationships – real relationship with people – you have to be in the heart space to be molded and shaped by somebody else.”

Impact 100 Founder & RVA Community Advocate Talley Baratka These were a few of the words by my friend Talley Baratka at the TEDxRVA Women conference in Richmond last December. I was fortunate to watch Talley speak in person. Her inspiring remarks were straight from her giant heart. Just ask any of my colleagues, friends and clients who were there.

Take 10 minutes to watch Talley’s TED talk and find out why says she was “put here on here on Earth to be a connector of people and to activate a passion for community.”

About Impact 100 RVA
Over the past five years since starting Impact 100 Richmond, I’ve seen area nonprofits benefit from Talley’s leadership and passion to motivate women to give. The premise of Impact 100 – partnering with The Community Foundation – is simple: 100 women each give $1,000 to help one nonprofit with a transformative grant.

But here’s the big news – we are incredibly close to awarding two $100,000 grants this year at our Big Give in May. We need just a few more Richmond women to join us.

The world is watching
And here's some bigger news – Talley’s visionary work is getting noticed.

On March 6, 2014, the National Association of Women Business Owners' Richmond Foundation presented Talley with its prestigious Community Leader recognition as part of its Enterprising Women of Excellence Awards.

The program honors outstanding women in various categories from the Greater Richmond metropolitan area. Learn more.

Talley led Capital One’s philanthropic initiatives for years before joining us to help Rhudy & Co. clients. We are fortunate to have her talents, energy and passion on our team.

Michele Rhudy finds inspiration serving on the leadership team of Impact 100 with Talley and others.  Michele says, "Talley’s a busy mother of three like me trying to keep everything in balance. Somehow, she makes it look easier than it really is.”


• Cruising Toward Better Health One Step at a Time -- What I’ve Learned from My Employee Wellness Client

When you take a fall cruise to New England and Canada, you get the delight of seeing life about 40 years in the future. My husband and I were almost always the youngest people in the room, and we’re not young.

Seeing people in their golden years, enjoying a cruise, doing a little ballroom dancing and heading out on excursions to new places gave me unexpected joy, especially seeing people doing so while celebrating 40th, 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries.

One couple asked how long my husband and I had been married and when we replied 18 years, the gentleman smiled and said, “You’re just getting started."

Watching these seniors reminded me of the importance of good health. While I’m no fitness guru, one thing I’ve learned from my clients at Bon Secours Virginia Employee Wellness, it’s that you’ve got to take command of your health. You can’t passively hope all will turn out well as you ignore good nutrition, avoid activity and fail to manage chronic conditions.

I think they’ve rubbed off on me.

About a month before the cruise, I got an activity tracker called a FitBit and loved it so much I convinced my husband to get one too. I guessed we’d probably not even bring them on the cruise because we wouldn’t have Wi-Fi to sync them up. But we did.

And while I can’t say I’ve been a model for good nutrition, I’ve made some healthy choices. Only twice in our week-long cruise did I take the elevator — and that’s with us on the 5th floor and most activities on the 12th and 13th floors. I used the walking track almost every day.

I am not sure I would have had this awareness without our Wellness friends, and for that I’m thankful.  I’m not there yet, but I’m glad they’ve helped to set me on a better course — as I step toward a future I got to see up close and personal while cruising the North Atlantic.

Donna Dunn's favorite activity is walking — great for getting moving, clearing one's head and thinking creatively. 



• Main Player at ‘Downton Abbey’ No Longer Main Player Today

As the final episode of Season 4 “Downton Abbey” will air on PBS Sunday, Feb 23, my four-week obsession with this television show will be on hiatus. That is, until Season 5 begins. Find out what "main player at the Abbey no longer is a player today. HINT: It involves ink, paper and good penmanship.

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• The Need for Strategic Thinking in the 60-Second News Cycle -- Plus, 5 Tips for Thinking Fast

With the information explosion, especially in social media, in the past five years, public relations professionals have become an invaluable part of strategic planning for both corporations and nonprofits.

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• My Husband's in the Super Bowl ... Press Box ... Here's What I See

Nicole van Esselstyn’s husband, Drew van Esselstyn, has covered (including the one coming on Sunday) four Super Bowls, each of which has featured a Manning. Coincidence? The three Super Bowls Drew has covered were won by the teams with a Manning as QB. Will Sunday make it a clean sweep? Learn how Nicole sees Super Bowl via her husband who has been in the press box during three of the NFL's biggest games.

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• Feeding the Media Machine for the 100th Anniversary of Flight

Today marks 110 years since Orville Wright flew at 10:35 a.m. on Dec. 17, 1903, on a sandy beach dune in North Carolina. The two bicycle-building brothers from Dayton, Ohio, fired up a four-cylinder engine and embarked on the first manned, sustained, powered flight. Learn about the media frenzy surrounding the 100th anniversary of flight in 2003 from the media relations lead for EAA's Countdown to Kitty Hawk program.

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• Remembering EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk & the 100th Anniversary of Flight

Jonathan Rhudy served as the media relations lead for EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk presented by Ford Motor Company in 2002 and 2003. He had a front-row seat, traveling the country with the 1903 Wright Flyer reproduction that attempted to fly in Kitty Hawk at 10:35 a.m. on Dec. 17, 2003. Learn about his experiences.

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• Part 5: The #RVA Twitterverse Is ... Find Out What RVA's Top Tweeters Say  

The #RVA Twitterverse Is ... Find Out What RVA's Top Tweeters Say

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• Part 4: Why Do You Tweet? Find Out What RVA's Top Tweeters Say  

Learn more in our other infographics this week highlighting the the Inaugural 2013 State of the Twitterverse for the Richmond Region's Top 100 Tweeters.

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• Part 3: What Do You Tweet? Find Out What RVA's Top Tweeters Say 

Check out part three below in our week-long series on the #RVA Twitterverse. Learn more in part one and part two of our recap of the Inaugural 2013 State of the Twitterverse for the Richmond Region's Top 100 Tweeters.

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• Part 2: Is Twitter Addictive? Find Out What RVA's Top Tweeters Say 

Check out part two below in our week-long series on the #RVA Twitterverse. Learn more in part one of our recap of the Inaugural 2013 State of the Twitterverse for the Richmond Region's Top 100 Tweeters.

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• Part 1: The Inaugural 2013 State of the Twitterverse for the Richmond Region's Top 100 Tweeters

To better understand who dominates Richmond’s Twitter microcosm — 140 characters at a time — and why they’re so successful, Rhudy & Co. Communications and Marketing, asked the top Tweeters in the River City a few questions earlier this year. This week, we’re sharing the results of our informal information gathering via our own infographic.

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• There’s Nothing Supernatural about Ghostwriting – Plus, 7 Ghostwriting Secrets

There’s someone lurking behind a lot of the publications you read – but it’s not a zombie or ghoul. Halloween seems an appropriate time to explore the little-known realm of ghostwriting. Plus, seven ghostwriting secrets.

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• Why the Cookie Monster Will Love Carytown this Saturday

Join the Rhudy & Co. team and some of our friends in Carytown, on the corner of Belmont and Cary Street, in front of Need Supply Co. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as we support this annual fundraiser to support pediatric cancer research as well as new and improved pediatric cancer therapies across the U.S.

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• Why Social Media Matters When Recruiting Talent

Social media has changed this dynamic. Enter “Recruiting 3.0 ” — the shift from content-driven sites to find candidates, to user-driven sites to engage with potential candidates. Learn why social media matters when it comes to finding your next job and finding top talent.

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• Rhudy & Co. Reveals a Secret

Learn Rhudy & Co.'s secret recipe of how best to compile an award application

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• FedEx Responds to Viral ‘Tossing’ Video 

What communicators can learn from FedEx's response to a potential harmful viral video. Plus, the four things you need to know to minimize a social media drama.

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• Twitter Loves the New Prince of Cambridge

Here's a recap of the Tweets from news outlets announcing the birth of the newest addition to the British monarchy. Check out the time stamps on the Tweets to see which outlets were first to share the news.

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